White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch – CPI Plastic Vietnam


White Masterbatch is a type of polymer materials, it gives whiteness, brightness and opacity in the final product. To provide these properties in plastic, many chemical such as Zinc Oxide, Zinc sulphide, Antimony oxide, Titanium dioxide are used. Titanium dioxide is mostly used in plastic application because of its unique properties such as high refractive index, average particle size (0.19 – 0.22 micron)

 White Masterbatch contains speciality additives which makes the resin compatible with titanium pigment and give an ideal color for final product. We have a lot of varieties of White masterbatches, depending on the percentage of Titanium dioxide (up to 70%).


 + Blowing film

+ Injection molding

+ Extrusion

+ Applicable: PP, PE, ABS, PA, PS, PVC., etc

+ Many other application

Physical Properties:

Processing temperature    : 140 – 2800C Additives                        : Dispersion agent, processing aid

Compatibility                   : LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP

Packing                           : 25kgs/bag

Storage                           : Keep at dry condition

Package and Storage:

 –   PE, PK or PP heavy – duty bag, 25kgs/bag.

 –   Store in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

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