Features and Benefits :

  • Improves product surface conditions;
  • Reduces surface defects such as, melt fracture, porosities, burrs, etc.
  • Eliminates die build-up.
  • Improves dimension stability & controllability.
  • Improves color/other additives dispersion.
  • Reduces gel formation.
  • Reduces crystallization.
  • Increases Production Capability;
  • Reduces internal (Extruder) pressure.
  • Reduces the power consumption by the Extruder.
  • Reduces heat transition within the Extruder.
  • Reduces downtime.
  • Reduces time taken for color change.
  • Reduces Cost
  • Allows effective use of lower MFI resins.
  • Allows extrusion of temperature sensitive Resins.

Using for polymer with maximum temperature 220oC


  • Using in film blowing, injection molding, pipe/profile extrusion, fiber spinning, casting,…
  • Using in PE, PP, PS, PVC and EVA applications,…


  • 20kg/bag (PP or PK bag)

Storage and Material Handling:

  • PPA Masterbatch when stored in a clean and dry environment at the temperature below 27°C (80°F) can be used within two years.

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