Color Masterbatch


Color Masterbatch is a compound concentrated from high quality pigments, resin and other additives. It is used as an optimal solution in colorization and cost reduction for plastic products. We also combine additive masterbatch such as UV stabilizer, flame retardant… to optimize the processing and properties of specialty and commodity of resin. Additionally, with high dispersion rate, heat resistance and eco-friendliness, color masterbatch helps customers to improve the quality of final products.
Mode of use: 0.5 to 10% in final polymer process.


Color Masterbatch is a type of polymer materials dedicated colorants, pigments, also know as preparation of materials (Pigment Preparation).

It consists of pigments or dyes, and additives vector composed of three basic elements, is the extraordinary among pigments or dyes evenly attached to the resin contained in the aggregate have been, can be said to concentrate pigment (Pigment Concentration), so shading power than his own pigments.

Mode of use: 0.5 to 10% in final polymer process.


 + Blowing film

+ Injection molding

+ Extrusion

+ Applicable: PP, PE, ABS, PA, PS, PVC., etc

+ Many other application

And also other special colors base on customer requirement.

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