Polyfill’s Antistatic Masterbatch  is a surface property modifier, which now-a-days finds extensive use by Plastics Processor, to reduce and control the static charges developed on the surface of plastic parts having large surfaces like film, fibres etc as spark discharge formed by static charges can produce serious  accidents.  Plastics,  particularly  sensitive  to  static  build  up  Polyolefins,  Nylon,  Polyesters, Urethanes, Cellulosics, Acrylics etc.

Antistatic Masterbatch is based on Ethoxy Amine, using LLDPE as a carrier resin, compounded in most modern extrusion equipment, using state of art technology.


Anti Static Masterbatch is widely used in the following applications :

  • Polyolefins (HDPE, HMHDPE, PP, LLDPE, LDPE) packaging commodities such as films, wrapping sheets etc.
  • Plastic packaging for explosives.
  • PVC decorating film for furnitures.
  • Plastic conveyor belts in mines.
  • Electronic switches.
  • Plastic flooring in operating rooms to prevent spark discharge during machinery operation.

Package, Transportation and Storage

  • PK bag, 25kgs/bag.
  • Store in cool and dry place, avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

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